Believer and Practitioner of Nonviolence


What I like to do:
Facilitate Drum Circles
Graphic Design
Teach Nonviolence
Build Websites

Hello! My name is Andrew Moreno, and I am a believer of leading a life of nonviolence in every single thing I do. What does that even mean you might be asking yourself? Leading a life of nonviolence means, a life of not doing any harm either physically or emotionally/mentally to oneself or others. A life that is lived with no judgments to myself or others, and no attachments to materials and/or ideas. Leading a life with no judgements and/or attachments lets me live a life with the absence of fear, which lets me to produce at my highest potential in everything I do. Living with the absence of fear; lets me live a life of love, which is only true. As there is only two things in this world: love and a call for love. It is through my compassion, courage, and devotion that this lifestyle gets to produce the fruits of my labour in the greatest ways possible. Living this way has led me to a lot of different opportunities in my life that I could never imagine. I share this way of living by leading by example both within my "work" and in my daily life. (I put work in quotes because it does not feel like work to me, but technically it is work.)

I graduated from Northeastern Illinois University and I studied sociology and women gender studies. Throughout my experience at Northeastern Illinois University I had the opportunity to be an Ambassador at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women in 2018. This changed my whole view on how the world works and how power politics shapes our society. Many of the reasons why I lead a life of nonviolence is because of my experience throughout my education.

I have been playing drums for over 20 years. Throughout those 20 years I have been in bands from a wide variety of genres including metal, hip-hop, jazz, fusion, world-fusion, and electronic music. This has allowed me to really expand as a musician, so when playing a certain genre I can take elements that have I learned in those different genres to make my playing as unique as possible. My mother has been a huge inspiration and support in my life to be the person that I am today, and for allowing me to play drums at the expense of her ears. ;) In supporting me in the things that I like to do such as playing drums, I was allowed to truly express myself. I truly believe that our youth today need to express themselves more than anything else, and I want to continue to be an inspiration to the youth to express themselves in the ways they need to, as long as their express is not hurting themselves or others.