Here is a perfect example of pure exchange. The magazine is only going to be written by guest writers. The exchange here is that the writer will be able to display their talents/gifts as the writer they are. Each writer will be able to submit a piece of writing bi-weekly. Submission deadlines will be three days before the 1st of every month and three days before the 15th of every month.

The Incentive

Every quarter the magazine will be in print. This issue will be displaying the best pieces from that quarter and it will be distributed around different cities in the United States. How will these pieces be chosen? They will be chosen by anyone who is a guest writer for the magazine, no matter how many times they publish they will still get one vote per category and not weighed differently. One of the biggest advantages of submitting your work more than just once is to be able to have a greater chance to be voted for the quarterly issue. Each artist that wins from every category will have an opportunity to be able featured on the magazine as the winner of the said category and be able to display who they are and their story (a picture of them is optional).


Browse By Category



Books! is going to be a column where monthly book reviews are going to be available for the everyday reader. These books are going to be mainly, but not limited to: auto-biographies, biographies, auto-ethnographies, ethnographies, etc. that offer experiential knowledge to the reader at hand. The main purpose is so we can all learn about people’s stories and how they have helped to better suit our society in some way or another.



These stories are going to offer experiential knowledge for educating ourselves and our community. Most of these stories are going to be coming from those at the margin, whose stories are often made invisible. The ultimate intent of a counterstory is to educate, instill compassion, and embolden resistance.

(Caution: some of these stories that are going to be in this blog are going to be uncomfortable to read and this is a disclaimer to skip those parts if need be. Just remember that no matter how uncomfortable it is to read, it does not amount to how uncomfortable that person was in that part of their story.)




The poetry in this column will be focusing on themes of truth, solidarity, unity, love, community and much more. Most importantly it is about getting voices to be heard that otherwise would not be heard. We must value each others voices, in doing so we can all learn so much from each other.



It is through language that we view the world, therefore it is language that we use to share our knowledge, more specifically experiential knowledge. Knowledge that we ALL have inside us. We must then share our experiences and knowledge with one another, so we can start to learn from each other. We need to start to be open to these kinds of conversations, conversations that bring the truth out of everyone. It is only with practicing seeking the truth that one can fully love. Nothing other than the truth, we must seek. If we do not do this no one will do it for us. We must seek truth ourselves, and this is an outlet to help spread truth!