On Value: Being Love

Value is placed in socially constructed systems of “morality and efficiency”, it is not to be value of any longer. We have to ask ourselves why we do the things that we do, and more importantly ask ourselves where the source of intention is coming from. It must not be an intention to please the ego, if it is we are not being true to our authentic self. The intention is the most important part in creating values within ourselves and our society. The Tao Te Ching says, that the source of intention determines “ethical, cognitive, and pragmatic value of all human action” (Lao Tzu, XII). 

WIthin each interaction we do, if the intention is not to love than we are doing “harm” to not only others, but ourselves. Working with the intention of being love, everyone’s truest authentic being, fulfils the reality of it all to be of true nature. Once we are pragmatic about our choice of actions, we will no longer have to have theoretical considerations, which are all subjective.

Therefore, one must make a conscious decision that every action they make will be one of love.

There is only thing true in our life and that is love, everything else is an illusion made to make you feel a certain way (emotions that react to fear) and therefore think a certain way (violently).  

Our only responsibility in society is to be love. One might ask, what does it mean to be love? Can we all be love? Being love, is not being used in a romantic way here. To be love, is to be your true authentic self that does not lie in any and every action, word, and/or thought. It is becoming an individual who seeks to remember their true selves and shares the truth they have within. Remembering my true self refers to remembering who your spirit is, because that is who we all are. Our spirit is eternal and everlasting, our body (which is the tool/vessel for our spirit to be in this earthly world) is not everlasting. We must, vis a vis, take care of our bodies so that we may live in this earthly world as long as we can so our spirit can do its work of love. This is the only way that our society will truly be able to function at its maximum capability. Love is the antidote to fear and fear creates violence, so when we are all love every single violent act will cease to exist. 

Part of remembering who we are, is letting go of the conditioning that have shortened our capability to grow. The conditioning that has led us into a life of fear, the conditioning that has separated us creating a mentality of “us” versus “them”, the conditioning where we value materials more than anything else, the conditioning where we are attached to material objects (in the physical and/or ideas), and the list can do on. Much work has to be done before achieving our state of true love. Luckily for us, everyone can accomplish this state and practicing this life of love together (but on our own) we can make this happen much easier than doing it separately. We can make it easier by sharing with each other’s hardships’ that we are facing with unconditioning ourselves. In doing so, will allow a natural system of accountability to live a life of love. Fortunate for us, all the work of getting similar minded people together is completed, because we all attract what we are.  

Our intentions behind our actions, words, and thoughts will attract those who have the same intention (of being love) as us, thus attracting what we are. Within working on ourselves, we attract the people that are also working on themselves, creating more opportunities to grow and expand. We also attract different opportunities for future advancement, only if we are open to receiving the opportunities. Being open to receive these opportunities means that one has to have an open heart, and therefore have no judgments or expectations of how these opportunities are going to come to you. Once, a person has an expectation of how or what the opportunity is going to look like they then close any other possibility of opportunity to exist because they will only be looking for what they have expected. 

The science of quantum physics illustrates this example at its best. Take a look at this video, you can watch the whole thing, but if you go to 2:30, you will see the example that I am talking about.


Look out for my post about the greatness of replacing expectations with appreciation, and how we can start remembering ourselves. Feel free to leave a comment or question, thanks!