Thought of the day: About Materials/Judgments

We must move by what we feel and not what we see. Once we follow the precious things of the world, we are not content. Following things of this world are only distractions to take us away from us. No wonder why there are thousands of one kind of thing, (the problem with having so many choices), to distract us from the importance of ourselves. We give value to the “precious things” because we are afraid to look within ourselves which might be uncomfortable for us. When we move towards those things we are doing at times to fit in with the rest of society. Those that follow that life are not truly content, as these materials will only bring you contentment for a matter of minutes, this contentment never becomes everlasting contentment. Those who follow this kind of life always have to have more and move onto the bigger and better things from the material that they are attached to only fulfilling that person for a certain amount of time. If, we have everything within us that we need to why search outward for something that we already have? 

It is a distraction from what you already have, with this kind of mentality one starts to value objects more than they value themselves, making their worth less whether they feel it or not. This happens on a subconscious level, because they are saying that who they are is not enough so they seek to fulfill and look outward for materials to “find” the way we want to be, or need to look in front of others to be valued by others in our society. When in reality we are already enough, and will never “need” to be a certain way. We are all love, which is the expression that is the highest expression other than joy, which one can be from being in the state of love, or being love we are joyful and spread that joy to those around us, with our energy alone, we do not even have to do anything to spread this joy to those around us. This joy can only come from being love, and this is the happiness is that ever lasting because it is a way of being. 

When you have a question about what you are doing is “you” or not you are living life of the body (ego). The ego wishes to portray your life as it wishes to be, not as who you are (spirit). You can only be sure of your true self. The ego can only ask questions and never receives answers of any sort whatsoever, because it is incapable of doing so, the ego only asks questions in order to attain more pleasure through materials and/or ideas. Confusion in the mind only arises when you are living a life of the ego and self at the same time. 

One does not have to be doing more, as we are taught and conditions to be, to be our true selves or to find our self. Instead we have to do less and only act when we have the “knowing”. The knowing reaffirms that what you are doing whatever it may be is the “correct” thing to do. It is that feeling that you get when you feel good about it, where there is no doubt in any cell of your body.

When you live the life of the ego, you are living a life based on fear, (when you are living in this way, an easy way out of these situations is to tell yourself and/or others the truth about how you are feeling in that moment, and be honest with yourself.) where attacking is possible. You can only be “attacked” when you are living a life a life through your ego. When you feel you are being “attacked” (mentally, ideas of you are not good enough, maybe I am doing the wrong thing, etc.) you are living a life from the ego. When you know yourself and live a life of self with no ego, you cannot be attached because you know who you are, and who you are not. Therefore, there is no attack/question of your being, what you have to do, if you are doing the “right” thing, etc. 

When you work out of the ego, you are then separated from yourself. In order to heal yourself, the ego must go. (you will never truly get rid of your ego, one must integrate it). How does on get rid of the ego? One may ask. To do this you have to let go of all of your fears, desires, attachments, and judgements. A way to do this is; when you feel any of these feelings of the ego, tell someone and if you cannot do not want to tell someone, write about it. This then bring that fear, desire, judgement, attachment, etc. to the surface of truth/love. We tend to fear love, because the love we know comes from conditions. 

The only love we know comes from conditions, and it begins when we are just a child. When we are doing “bad” things we are given no love, and our parents/guardian tell us not to do this or that, and sometimes punish us for doing such “bad” behaviour. This evolves to, us needing to look a certain way or do a certain thing in order to receive love. This is why we tend to want to fit in our society, because this is the only way that we think we can receive love. This is the conditional love that we know. This kind of conditional love, turns into the kind of love we use for ourselves. If we think a “negative” thought we tend to judge ourselves for it; if we do not judge ourselves for it then we tend to judge others around us by the use of projection. When we judge another, we are really judging ourselves, because we are all mirrors of one another. We are all here to help each other learn to be ourselves, whether we see it or not. We can refuse to see it our whole entire lives, which some people end up doing. Some people will judge others until the day they die, never knowing that they actually harmed themselves.

Having judgements to those around us for whatever reason it may be, creates division and creates this “us” versus “them” kind of mentality. This is only hurting ourselves, because this affects us more than our judgements actually affect those around us. We are only limiting ourselves from liberation and freedom when we do this. When judgements go away, we see everyone as one. This is the only way that liberation and freedom can come into our lives. When we see the world as one, our suffering decreases and allows us to be who we are freely, as us and not who we need to be or look like. Having judgements, which comes from the ego, means that everyone has to be a certain way; in other words something is inherently wrong with them because they are not like they are “supposed” to be. Who is to say what and how people are supposed to be? Is there a manual given to all of us of how we are supposed to be? We are only supposed to be one thing, and can only be one thing, and that is love/truth. Truth is love, and love is truth, because these are the only things that exist, everything else is an illusion.

When we judge others, we work from the ego (which will never be able to know the truth) one can only perceive of what is going on. Perception is something that is not true, which is not reality. The ego only wills to know, however it will never know because it is not capable of knowing, it just wants, wants, wants, and wants more. The ego will never be able to hear what the answer is. Sometimes the ego will trick you and tell you that she/he has received the answer, but only to trick and fool you to be able to get more of whatever it wants. The ego longs to separate you from who you are, because when it does so this allows the opportunity for the ego to get what it wants: more pleasure(s) to distract you from yourself as spirit. However, this can never happen, because you in your essence (love) comes from the spirit (love). It is spirit that desires you to make or create, whether ego gets in there or not is not the questions or thing to focus on. Whether we are creating through self, or miscreating through ego, we are still using the same source, our spirit (love) which is eternal.