Thought of the day: Non-profit organizations are not the answer to non-violence

There is no formula to stop violence that is happening in our world. Meaning we do not need to have movements to end violence, abolish systems because they are intrinsically “bad/negative”, and/or work with non-profit organizations (which often time lead non-violent movements). We do not have to “do” anything to stop violence, except for being truth and love. “Being truth” refers to being who you are as spirit, which can never be through the lens of fear. Fear does not exist within our spirit whatsoever. By being ourselves, we do not give into fear which is instilled by many different institutions (the main ones being the mass media, politics, and the prison industrial complex). Each system is placed before us to distract us from being who we really are, which is love. We can only be love, because that is the only thing that exists. Everything else is an illusion that is happening only because we are feeding it energy. 

If we did not feed our energy into fear it would not exist. If fear did not exist, violence would not exist either, because the only reason why violence exists is because we are instilled by fear as a society. Some people think that non-profit organization (although they do do amazing work and have gotten our society further in the line of justice) they are not the solution. Non-profit organizations are only the bandaid for the wound that will always be there. The wound might become smaller because of the non-profit organization, but non-profit organizations will never heal the problem. If the problem(s) were fully healed today, tomorrow they would not have a job. Non-profit organizations themselves were born from a place of deceit and corruption. They were born from those who were wealthy in order to get tax cuts for doing something “good” or what seemed good to the general public. It was a way to save them their wealth. If these non-profit organizations were born from deceit (and I am not saying that they are all deceitful at all, although some are, I can attest to this being true), how can they be the solution to the problems that we have today in our society?

Some of these non-profit organizations aim to shut down certain institutions down like the Prison Industrial Complex and want to replace it with an alternate system such as a system that would use restorative justice practices. Let’s say that the prison industrial complex was replaced and that every single person was in favor of using restorative justice practices, and so it was replaced successfully. The outcome if the system was played out like it is said in theory would be that the percentage of violence would decrease dramatically. Although, the violence would decrease dramatically violence would still exist. After getting to this point of the problem, the people of the society would want to decrease the violence even further by replacing the restorative justice practices with some other form of practices that deemed like a better system. The result would be then that the violence would be decreased; once again we would still have violence. When we try to “fix” the problem with our ego, such as in the examples above, the problem never is going to be “fixed”. The ego thinks and therefore wants to always be right in whatever it does, so if the ego wants to tell our society to abolish this system because this other system is better than that system, there is always going to be problems. Our ego can never find the answers to our problems, because the ego can never accept the answers that are the truth because the ego always wants to be right because it finds pleasure in that. The only answer the ego can hear is that of more pleasure, whatever that may look like, through materials and/or ideas.

The only way we can cease to have violence is if everyone were to lead a lifestyle of non-violence. Living this type of lifestyle would increase the opportunity for everyone to be who they truly are, as spirit. When we are all work from the spirit, we can only be truth and love. Our spirit will never tell a lie, and if it seems to tell a lie, then it is not the spirit who is telling the lie, it is the ego tricking you tell you that your spirit is telling the lie. If everyone were to live with their soulforce, instead of the physical force (a force that can be both physical or mental - thoughts, ideas, etc.), the result would be that we would no longer need the systems that instill fear into our society because there would be no more violence. Hence, the only reason why these institutions exist in the first place, to instill fear into our society because it lets those in power and control remain in the status quo they want.