Thought of the day: On Donation

When we give donations it is important to look at our intention of why we are giving these donations. If our intention is to give a donation because we want a tax write off, this is not a true donation. Most of why people give donations is for this tax write off, at least part of the reason. The other reason is that they truly believe in whatever organization it is that they are donating to. If, tax write offs were not a thing there would be a lot less donations given to organizations that do wonderful things. If your only intention is to help out that organization because you believe in that organization, and the consequence of that action is that you are allowed to write it as a tax write off then do so. However, make sure your full intention is to help out the organization because of the work they do. That way the money that you give to the organization will go way further than it would if your only intention or part of your intention is to get your tax write off. 

You can lie to yourself all you want about not actually doing it for a tax write off, but is this true? Your ego can make up all these lies about the real reason why you are donating your money to so and so organization. One way to know the difference, is that if you think of your intention this is coming from the ego. If you feel your intention, and your heart becomes to have a warm sensation within from the action of donating your money to the organization than your intention is true because it comes from the heart. If you find yourself, boasting about how you just donated x amount of dollars to said organization, this again is the ego working to let people know how great of a person you are so you can be seen a certain way in your community/society. When the money/intention comes from your heart, the money will go way further than it would if it comes from your ego, even if it is the same amount of money given. When the intention is about serving the ego, the money is considered “dirty” money, even if the organization itself does not know of your intention or not. Most of the time, the organization will know if it comes from the heart or ego, because they can feel it. 

When you give a certain amount of donation for a plaque on the wall, this is coming from the ego. It is coming from the ego because you want recognition of the amount of money you donated to that organization. Your ego wants everyone else to know how much more donations you have given compared to your peers, making you a “better” person in your society. In doing so, the talk around town will be that so and so is such a great person because they donated x amount of dollars to x organization. However, if a person that has a total of $500 dollars in their bank account give them $250, half of their total amount of money they have to their name, they will be giving more money than the person who has a million in their bank account who give $50K. The person that has a million dollars in their bank account for all we know did not have to do a single thing, because that money was inherited to them. On the other hand, the person that had $500 had to work 2 jobs to receive such income. Yet, the person that gave more of their money and worked harder for their money (the person who had $500) does not receive a plaque for their donation, because they did not meet the quota of said plaque. Therefore, the want and desires to receive such plaques come from the ego, because they want to be seen as giving a lot of money when in reality many more people have given “more” in comparison to the total amount of money they have. 

See where your intention is by asking yourself where your heart is in any action that you partake in. You will know, if you do not make lies that you believe, where your intention is by “listening” and feeling where your heart is. Does your action truly make your heart happier? Are you doing said action because you know that it is a “good” thing to do? Are you doing said action because you want to let everyone else around you how “good” you are? These are the questions you can ask yourself that will tell you right away where your intention lies. A huge part of knowing where your intention is coming from, is being conscious about it. Be conscious about what your intention is of your everything and not only when it comes to donation (whether that is actions, words, and/or thoughts), in this way you can have a stronger impact not only for yourself, but also for those around you. Be true to yourself, and a lot more opportunities will arise in your life like you would never be able to imagine. Peace!