Drum Circle Facilitator


Want to have an interactive drum circle for your next party/Event?

I facilitate drum circles for 15-20 people, ages 8 and up. Anyone can have a drum circle, whether if you have drums yourself, or if you want me to provide the drums for your next drum circle. I will provide the drums if needed, make the drum circle educational, fun and interactive all at the same time. Each drum circle can go up to 2 hours, most are 1 hour. Many skills can be learned through a drum circle, and can be transferable to your everyday life, especially for the youth. In a drum circle or life itself, effective communication is one of the key factors that will make one successful. After all a drum circle is really a conversation with drums! For successful outcomes, in a drum circle or life, each person must listen to one another so they can better communicate with one another. For example, in a drum circle, it is important that each individual listens to see what kind of volume, and/or “phrase” is needed during the drum circle.

I am interested in facilitating drum circles for many reasons. Drum circles provide a way for individuals to express themselves, while listening to one another. Educates our society through the expression of drums, especially our youth. Relieves stress from our everyday life. Can be very relaxing and yet very interactive/fun all at the same time. Helps one listen to their body and be in tune with their body. Can be thought provoking at times. Unifies the group as one and shows how strong unity can be in our community/society. Helps build trust with one another. Offers a “brave” space of no judgement either to oneself or others, as we meet everyone where they are at no matter where they are at in drumming/life. The best part is that everyone can be involved! Some people say that they do not have rhythm. I say, if you have a heartbeat you have rhythm, and chances are more than likely, if you are reading this, that you have a heartbeat. So come on and join the fun!

Places for drum circles (not limited to): birthday parties, youth programs, non-profit centers, venues, summer camps, at your home, park near you, at a garden, you pick where and I will be there! Connect with me for availability and more information!