Actively changing values within our society while creating opportunities.



Building a model that we can use to every other sector of not only the arts, but also the way in which we see business. We are to lead by example to be able to truly make change in our society; we are going to do this with first starting with the arts which is universal to everyone, both the viewer and the artist. We can then take this model, apply and scale it to other sectors of business. Our mission is to be able to allow everyone the opportunity to be able to display their art, truly valuing each other for all the gifts and talents that we have to offer. We all have different gifts/talents that are within us so why not use them together for the great of all humanity. It ALL starts here!

What We Are

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The Collective is a non for profit multimedia artist community where each artist has the opportunity and space to share their talents and gifts by displaying their expressive art, whether it be through music, paint, acting, drawing, screen printing, etc. Through this we not only are able to learn from each other’s talents and gifts, but also be able to collaborate with one another.

Unheard Counterstories - #1. Seek Truth

The Magazine is only going to be written by guest writers. The exchange here is that the writer will be able to display their talents/gifts as the writer they are. Each writer will be able to submit a piece of writing bi-weekly. Submission deadlines will be three days before the 1st of every month and three days before the 15th of every month. A perfect example of pure exchange.

How It Works

Everything within this collective is based on the exchange of services per services, that way we ALL win! This will always be free for any user to join the collective at anytime across the world. This collective is not focused on any particular place or city. Now if two artists want to collaborate with one another and money is needed to do so (i.e. buy products/materials) is another story, that is then left up to the artists collabing with each other to decide on all of those details. To know more details on how the Collective and the Magazine click on The Collective or The Magazine above.

Creativity. Communication. Collaboration.


Who We Are

We are all ONE. One community. One people. Together we are all a collective that strive to work together and learn from each other. One of the main purpose for this collective is to change the environment that has been happening in our society, where the individual is only upheld and the community is not. The individual within the collective/magazine will still be upheld by being able to display their art/writing, but it is way more than that. Being a part of the collective will allow artists to collaborate with each other.


If we are not all prospering, then we are not truly prospering at all!