There are going to be a series of Projects that will go through Magic Mosaic. There will be Project(s) according to topic. Expressive Intentional Art, Class-Consciousness Series, Community Art With Interviews and Unheard Stories.

We Want Your money! series

A series of anti-capitalism expressive art, that goes from August to November, along with an article/piece on the message indicated. (Click Photo to See Project)

We Want Your Money! Series - #1 Made in Russia

We Want Your Money! Series - #1 Made in Russia

Class Consciousness Series

This art will illustrate what we should move towards along with tips on how to do so. Each piece of art will be followed by an explanation of the message, if not within the image itself. The main point of this series is to highlight the importance of moving toward true self-determination, a State of Class-Consciousness. By seeking the truth we can build harmony, unity and solidarity within each of our own communities. In doing so we will change the negative values that are present in our society into values that are positive, enlightening, and just.   


Class Consciousness Series - #1 Educate Yourself

Class Consciousness Series - #1 Educate Yourself

Unheard stories (coming soon)

These stories are going to have a commitment to social justice used as a tool to transform society by eliminating all forms of subordination to empower oppressed groups. Within these stories we will not only get a great story, but we will get experiential knowledge. What holds to be "true" knowledge in our Western society is skewed to only deem certain knowledge as "true" knowledge. "Western knowledge systems are build upon the idea of positivism, which is the belief that the most trustworthy source of knowledge is information acquitted by the senses and verified by logical, scientific, or mathematical testing" (Dunn: 2014). Anything that does not coincide with this kind of knowledge is deemed not true and of no importance. We should see this experiential knowledge as " legitimate, appropriate, and critical to understanding, analyzing, and teaching about racial subordination," especially when those at the margin have had such a long history of creating creative ways to resist those systems of oppression (Yosso, 2006: p.7). 


Community Art & Interviews

An outlet to be able to promote local artists in the Chicagoland area. Displaying their talent whether it is through music, painting, drawing, etc. Interviewing artists from the Chicagoland area about what truly inspires them to be the artist they are, what motivates artists to do what they do, and much more! It is all about building community from several outlets so we can learn from one another and progress. 

sources (suggestions)

This will be mainly for citing material that is used throughout the articles/literature, and for further reading if the reader would like to partake with links if available. I will also give suggestions for books to read according to topic. On occasion, there will be a book review from either mm or a guest writer.

If you would like to submit a suggestion or submit a book review, or would like to be interviewed please email me at: