Unheard stories (coming soon)

These stories are going to have a commitment to social justice used as a tool to transform society by eliminating all forms of subordination to empower oppressed groups. Within these stories we will not only get a great story, but we will get experiential knowledge. What holds to be "true" knowledge in our Western society is skewed to only deem certain knowledge as "true" knowledge. "Western knowledge systems are build upon the idea of positivism, which is the belief that the most trustworthy source of knowledge is information acquitted by the senses and verified by logical, scientific, or mathematical testing" (1). Anything that does not coincide with this kind of knowledge is deemed not true and of no importance. We should see this experiential knowledge as " legitimate, appropriate, and critical to understanding, analyzing, and teaching about racial subordination," especially when those at the margin have had such a long history of creating creative ways to resist those systems of oppression (2).

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