The United States: NOT the Most Developed?

“Discontent is the first step in the progress of a man or a nation.”

Some would say that, the United States is the most developed country in the world. This for me, is NOT true. When they say that we are the most developed country in the world what do they mean? Do they mean just in terms of technological advancement compared to the rest of the world? Why does the idea of development have to be intrinsic to the amount/quality of technological materials we have available, when we as a people are not developed. As a society, I would say that we are not developed to the maximum potential. We live in a country where individuals come first as opposed to focusing on the community first. Because we are so engrained in the individual as a society, the myth of meritocracy has been made more apparent and people are believing this. Instead of looking at the cyclic problems that certain communities have (those at the margin in particular) have, we point the finger to the individual and proclaim that they are not doing enough. This is where the “Oh, well she/he/they made it and they were homeless so everyone else should be able to do that as well.” Another common one is, “Oh, she had another kid because she wanted to have more welfare money.”

If and when we look at the community as a whole we can look at the underlying problems that the community has, investing our time into the actual root of the problem instead of the symptom. In doing so, we are improving all of the individuals in the community instead of pointing the finger. The United States likes to cure the symptoms and not the problem, this is apparent in the many systems of oppression that are apparent in our country. This is the only way that the status quo will remain for those to be in control and stay there. One major example would be our health care system that is based solely on wealth.

When it comes to our health care system in the United States, we should ask ourselves, “Who is actually benefitting from it?” Are you? If you are part of big pharma and believe in big pharma, then yes you are benefitting from our health care system. Those who cannot afford our health care system are suffering, because they cannot afford even to go to the doctor, let alone afford the medicine after they see the doctor. We can see other health care systems that are way more developed compared to the system that we are using. For instance, in countries like Australia, they have a mix between Universal Health Care system (public) and a Private Health Care system (insurance). Those that cannot afford the Private health care insurance can still get looked at and treated. On the other hand, those who earn more and CAN afford the private insurance have to pay an additional surcharge if they do not partake in the private health insurance (Medicare Levy Surcharge).

In countries like Great Britain and Germany, doctors focus on preventing illnesses before they come apparent and are paid to do so. They are paid by capitation, which is a system in which doctors have a set number of clients annually, regardless of how many times they see their patients or what services the doctors provide. This system is one of the best systems when it comes to preventing illnesses. If you were a doctor that was paid by capitation you would try to prevent any illnesses within your clientele, because that would mean you would see them less, which means less work for you and in turn you have a healthier population overall. So why doesn’t the United States partake in this system? One word: Profit.