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H.G. was born and raised in the Chicago south suburbs. She's a children's librarian who loves sharing stories with the world. She's here to shed light on her favorite published works, and maybe share a story or two of her own.

Writes: Book Reviews, Essays, Short Stories

Location: Chicagoland area

Looking to: Display Writing


Mal Kling

Mal Kling is currently working for a youth development organization as part of the out-of-school programing team.

Advocacy is a value that Mal cherishes and their current employment is the perfect place to cultivate that value. Youth are our future and being able to be a positive, supportive, influential role model is Mal’s goal. As bell hooks said, “If we give our children sound self-love, they will be able to deal with whatever life puts before them.”

Mal is looking to attend a PhD program to do research on transgender youth homelessness and policy transformation based on that research. It is a dream of theirs to be a professor and this educational opportunity would make that dream come true. With that, Mal can break down a few barriers within the higher education institution as a radical, agender, queer, agender.

Mal enjoys participating in community organizing that challenges our oppressors to dismantle the systems those oppressors put in place. Family is a core value in their life. Mal would not be the person they are today without the support, love, validation, and affirmation from their chosen family.

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theWISE has been writing for a long time. He's a children's STEM enrichment by day and a poet/songwriter/introvert by night. He takes his creativity seriously (as most artists do) and loves to engage with individuals about various creative outlets. theWISE says, "Life is like string theory. We think that there is only one line connecting our destiny, but the strands split off to many possible ends."

Writes: Poetry, Short Stories, Song Writing

Location: Chicago, IL

Looking to: Display Art