My mission is to bring our community together by facilitating how to live a non-violent lifestyle

You might have heard of non-violence from wonderful leaders and advocates such as Mohandas Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Alice Paul, Henry David Thoreau, Jane Addams, Leo Tolstoy, St. Thomas Aquinas and others. They have practiced/advocated non-violence as a tactic, which are used as a means to an end of certain injustice(s) that were happening in their lifetime. However, in order to truly restore our society from all injustices, we must FIRST transform our society. The consequences of transforming our humanity will result in the restoration of our society and world. It is through living a non-violent lifestyle that we can and WILL achieve this together as one. Towards the end of Gandhi’s life he came to the realization that his techniques of non-violence where used for attaining means to a pragmatic end, political independence from Britain. His followers never reached the inner unity that was needed to truly restore India from all injustices. Once Gandhi was assassinated, India reverted to its old ways (i.e. caste system, poverty, discrimination, etc.), disregarding the nonviolent satyagraha (“holding to truth” or “truth force”) teachings that Gandhi had taught all of his life. The inner unity and the overcoming and healing of our inner divisions in our society is the most important part, as that will inevitably lead to the freedom, autonomy, and liberty of our nation that we all need.


About Me

My name is Andrew Moreno and I was born in Highland Park, IL. I grew up in Lake County Illinois, and I have always had a passion for helping others and still do! I feel like it is my duty to create a society that is better for you and I, by facilitating how to live a life in a non-violent way. This is my mission with everything that I do. I have been playing drums for over 20 years now, and love to teach and perform. I graduated from Northeastern Illinois University, where I studied Sociology and Women Gender Studies. My education has taught me the importance and the urgency to transform our society for the betterment of humanity. To find out a more about who I am click the link below!

Different ways that I teach non-violence as a lifestyle

Drum Circles are all about listening and communicating with one another with the voice(s) of drums and percussion. It is a conversation that we have together through drums. In a drum circle many non-violent lifestyle teachings can be learned, such as meeting everyone where they are at without judgement. These lessons can be easily transferable to our everyday lives. There are many other lessons that can be taught, especially for our youth. Check out these pictures of the most recent drum circle I facilitated here.

My partner, Shannon Villanj and I perform with many different instruments. We will gladly perform for you next event, party, and/or celebration. Recently we performed for Wisconsin Music Ventures. Check out the video here. The variety of instruments that we play include African Dununs, Bongos, Hi-Hat, Snare, Toms, Block, Cowbell, Tambourine, Gourde and other instruments. We have created our own fusion of genres that is unique and very interactive that everyone can dance to. Check out our performance by clicking on the link below.


Art as an expression is important to freely express who you are! My art is considered mixed media. I use Adobe Illustrator, Paint, Pen and Ink, Pencil, Charcoal, and the use of everyday mundane objects. Soon to be for sale. More art to come in the near future!



Workshops included are for either a one on one basis, or a group of people, both kids and/or adults. These workshops are fun and interactive activities that will help you towards living a lifestyle of non-violence. Anything from learning about intention setting, law of attraction exercises, how to get rid of fears, judgement and attachments, and more. Workshops also include speeches on what a non-violent lifestyle is and the benefits that it can have in your everyday life, both at work and in your private life. With these wonderful workshops you will gain freedom in your life to be able to do more with your time and manifest your dreams into a reality! .



All About Nonviolence, is going to be a blog which I will discuss: what nonviolence as a lifestyle is in more detail, the activeness of living a nonviolent lifestyle, how it differs from non-violence as a tactic, how I came to nonviolence through my life experiences, why it is important for everyone, practices that help you lead this lifestyle, what the law of attractions has to do with it, the impact that it has created within my life and much more! I will be publishing one article every two weeks. If you are personally interested in learning more about how you can implement this lifestyle of nonviolence in your life, let’s connect!